Think Pink

I love pink, I always have and although sometimes I try to suppress it, I always get pulled back into the happy colour that it is ! Mind you , it isnt just any old pink, it is not the sweet sugary, sickly type of pink , no its the delicate, earthy, romantic, rich luxurious type of pink that hits the spot.

I am drawn to pink clothes and nothing is more perfect than rich, soft, opulent silk in a soft rose tinted shade. I decorated my bathroom with white towels, neutral tiles and a chair with a gorgeous pink cushion. It still fills me with calm after 6 years. i also am quite happy just having a little collection of lace and ribbon and buttons, in a delicate bowl , on my shelving. i can evoke memories of past with an old bobbin belonging to my mum or a pearl button which sits in a glass jar.

What is your favourite colour and why does it evoke such lovely feelings?