My Creative Life

Does it have to be a hard life. What if you can really live the life that makes you content and know that you have done the best you can . Let us inspire you to create.

Be intentional with everything you do. If you are not clear on your intentions and where you want to go in life, let us help you with that. We are passionate about giving clarity and purpose to our clients lives.

Things happen in life and we tend to react as they happen and this can cause us to make decisions which can hold us back. Sometimes we need clarity and focus and this is where our creative and business programmes can inspire you to create.

What we Do


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Inspiring you to create

The Beauty of fabric

I have loved allowing myself to spend time indulging in my favourite hobby of creating and putting things together. I have been collecting a wonderful collection of fabrics over the many years of working in the textile industry. Now i am able to release them and with other products I am able to put them to better use.

silk textile card

lovely little collection to make a card or decorate a gift . Stitch into it , make a picture - inspiring you to create. / tussah silk/cotton fabric sample/


Lace and Button

delightful card with lace and button and wrapped thread. #inspiringyoutocreate