I have written lots and lots of words with a nice pencil and on handmade paper . Brainstorming is my mode of thinking ! Just write the words down that pop into my head . Feelings , thoughts , love, beauty , sad , calm ….. you get the gist .

So , all written down on my piece of paper . Full of words like a letter but not … just words . Right , now cut them up or tear ( preference to cut ) and now I have a lovely cream paper oblongs of words . Now put them in a bag or bowl . I found a papermache bowl I bought years ago to sell in my shop . Oh well , it’s mine now and my words are in it πŸ˜‰,

This morning I am to pick a word out of my bowl and that will be my word for the week , my essence word , my inspiration word to direct me to start my creative path . All sounds a bit naff . Yes? No?

Anyway , funnily I found a word on my bedroom floor as I got out of bed …. LUXURY ! Wow , I like this word . Let’s begin ……


I love beautiful things .

However , I do think that luxury is also a feeling and it doesn’t need designer items or expensive clothes and objects to make you feel luxurious . There is nothing lovelier than having that feeling of luxury , whether it is snuggled up in a bed with freshly washed linen , a cup of coffee in your favourite China cup , chat with your close friends whilst walking along the coast , window shopping and taking in the details of designer outfits , sitting in the evening with a small glass of red with a couple of pieces of rich dark chocolate ( ok maybe 2 glasses / half a bar of chocolate )! The luxury of time to do what you want to do and unleash your creative spirit . All of these little things make me feel luxurious . Whenever I buy something I do like to indulge my senses and experience as much luxury as I can …. so luxury to me is about someone making me feel special . Taking time to find that perfect item and to me it is always about how it makes me feel , that is why I’m not comfortable when sales are on as it doesn’t feel very luxurious and I want to get that feeling most of the time !! The main reason I have my little shop is because I love beautiful fabrics and trimmings and the feelings that they give me . Let’s all get that luxury feeling and make sure that every day , something makes us feel luxurious.