How long is your nose ?

Leon is a Long Haired Black and Tan Miniature Dachshund. I know its a bit of a mouth full for a little short legged dog. He sometimes is called a Sausage Dog, especially by children who always like to have a giggle when they describe them. Dachshunds are becoming a very popular breed and he is one of many Dachshunds our family have owned. Nearly every photograph I have of my parents, there is a Dachshund somewhere in the picture. We have had – Black and Tan smooth -Red Smooth Haired -Black and Tan Long Haired and Red Long Haired.

Quite a variety and I can remember the character of every one of them.

They are tough, noisy, funny, hungry, adventurous . Leon loves nothing better than lazy days sitting on the sofa and he loves being snuggled up next to his mum! If you are looking for a fun, inquisitive, characterful little dog, then a Dachshund is for you.

Leon is now 3 years old and he is a joy as well as a little monkey sometimes . I will be sharing lots more photos and adventures with him……