Flowers to fill your home

Living on a narrow boat is a life that my son has chosen and he has now made it part of his work life too. Briastudio is where Stuart can create the most beautiful space from home and travel around the canals of London and bring such colour and vitality to the boat life.

orange tulips
making my shelving a work of art
setting the mood for creating
tulip in a bottle

Over the past few months I have become a pink girl in its many forms. Mainly soft, slightly peachy pink. I love putting mood boards together so that I can stitch small little pockets of creative joy. I tend to spend a few days putting fabrics, lace, trimmings and buttons together and over the days I move things around and add detail .I have such fun in finding what makes me stop and just photograph and stitch. Instead of just thinking about what you want to do I have been freed to embrace the process and just stitch or stick or layer or photograph without too much effort. I sit , I stitch , I photograph. I know what works and what needs more attention. If I feel all fluttery , I know its right for me.