A little time to create

A day to calm the soul

It was always going to be a lovely day . I knew because I had been to Crathorne before and I knew it was a special place . Christmas just added a little bit of glitter ✨

I drove down the A19 for just about 60 miles and turned left . Past the entrance to Crathorne Hall ( must go someday ) and tootle into the delightful village of Crathorne . I have been to the pub before and it is so pretty . A perfect pub for a cosy lunch . Anyway , getting side tracked ! , drive passed some lovely selection of homes , full of character and care and you arrive at The Reading Room , which is the village hall . I walked up the pathe and opened the large wooden door , adorned with Christmas wreath and entered the sweet little entrance with the scent of foliage and candles in hurricane lamps

Now the creativity begins , after coffee and mince pie of course.

Vicky , our tutor for the day , gives each one of us as we arrive , a cuddle ( you can tell a person by a cuddle ! ) The table is set out neatly with little workstations set with handmade papers and a secret blue bag , sealed with The Linen Gardens tape . You see it really is all about the little details that make me flutter .

We chat with each other asking “where are you from ? Have you been before ? You are going to love the day ”

A table is set on the side with a selection of candles , fabrics , cards , crockery and of course I purchase something , it might be a present or I might just keep for myself .

Let’s start …..

Vicky introduces us to the art of creating by taking time to look at what is in front of your eyes and drawing yourself in to what you love – colour , texture , fabrics , pens , paper , bits of jewels , old beads , silk , dyed bits of lace .

In front of us is a selection of handmade paper (tied with silk of course ) printed pictures of trees and flowers and old fashioned scenery . Little waxed bags with bits of lace , beads , diamantes and gold and silver leaf ( be still my beating heart ) We can choose a few papers that she has prepared , whites, golds , purples , old wallpaper with texture and hints of pinks and taupe .

Now don’t panic and rush in , just breathe and let your mind be drawn to what makes you tick . Select a paper that either gets you excited or just feels safe and start adding a flower ,a bit of lace , a bead , a cutting , gold thread ,a leaf , a word , build your colour and try new ideas , just get in the zone and you will be in a different place , with not a care in the world . That is the feeling you want when you create and it’s all about just having a go , it doesn’t need to be an end product or for somewhere or for someone it’s all about creating and being you .

The whole day was pure joy , meeting new people , having a day away from my usual places , feeling pampered and in my happy place .

I recommend to anyone to create . I hear all the time in my shop ” I can’t sew , I’m not creative , I don’t have time ……

Make it a New Years promise to let your mind be indulgent and go with what makes you happy , it’s not to please anyone but yourself and believe me if you are happy , it will all fall into place . Simple 🌸

Thank you to @astilllife_workshops @thelinengarden