A Little Love


By the margin, willow-veil’d,

Slide the heavy barges trail’d

By slow horses; and unhail’d

The shallop flitteth silken-sail’d

Skimming down to Camelot:

But who hath seen her wave her hand?

Or at the casement seen her stand?

Or is she known in all the land,

The Lady of Shalott? Tennyson

A few photos……

flowers from dads garden.
fabric from http://www.sewing-box.co.uk

February is the month of love and we are all feeling it in some form or other. The days are changing into a bit of spring and Snowdrops are peeping through the grass. We are not out the woods yet regarding Winter weather, but there are signs of warmer days for us , which will put a spring into our steps.

February is a time for love, flowers and food . Let us fill February with love by celebrating Valentines Day every day .I want to feel the love all of the time and little indulgences are part of my every day. Going for a walk. Meeting with friends. Eating wonderful food in favourites places round Northumberland. Buying flowers, writing letters, making little creative textile pieces, learning a new skill …. just a few pleasures of life.

Everyone can relate to the joy of flowers in your home . I am very fortunate to have a son that is a florist in London. http://www.briastudio.com/

His joy of all things beautiful and being inquisitive of all things floral , have developed into a wonderful, inspiring career, working with some amazing people and beautiful places round the UK including London and Northumberland, Italy, Hong Kong , Amsterdam Portugal, Edinburgh…..

Stuart has found out how much beauty there is in the place where he has laid his hat, and Hotels, galleries, royal buildings, churches, nightclubs are just part of his world now and our family are lucky enough to share his adventures and follow his floral creations.


Simple pleasures on the boat

What better way is there to live in London, than on a canal boat. Stuart is lucky enough to now own a delightful boat. The canals of London are very diverse and I have had the pure relaxing pleasure of spending time with him. The lifestyle is perfect for Stuart and he now has set up a business from his boat. So , if you are walking along the canals , why not look out for Briar Rose canal boat , where you will be able to purchase flowers . He has a passion for spreading the word and often runs workshops for various florists round London.

So, let us all feel the love . If you don’t have that someone special in your life, just go out and spoil yourself. If you are lucky enough to live in london , keep an eye out for Stuart on his boat….

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